2021 Visit to Pakistan

In January of 2021, GOW president, Zack Guthrie, had the opportunity to travel to Pakistan and spend time with one of our sponsors at his hospital. While there he spent time on the 15-acre campus amongst 200 staff members. He got to experience firsthand the daily runnings of the hospital and provide management consulting services. 

One particular instance really stood out. After a stone wall collapsed and crushed this little boy’s knee, his father took him to a local doctor who stuck a too-long rod in the boy’s leg and took all the father’s money. By the time this boy reached the hospital, it was too late to save his leg, but our sponsor saved his life. GOW paid for the boy’s surgery and will help provide a prosthetic if the opportunity presents itself.

“Pray for the staff of the hospital. They face challenging circumstances every day caring for the poor and needy. My trip to the hospital renewed my faith in God’s protection and sovereignty. He planted the hospital and continues to provide year after year. Thank you for your partnership in this ministry.” – Zack

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