The GOW Model

Global Orphans and Widows models its work after the Biblical role of Kinsman Redeemer.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 9.37.59 AMKinsman

Kinsman: A person would need to be “a family member”. This is different than what we think of in modern terms (husband,
wife, 2-4 kids, dogs, etc.). Family relationship was primarily defined by a common covenant with God, and often included
widows and orphans within a larger family context


Redeemer: A person would need to be willing to step in and sacrificially offer protection, “buying backing” the person (or land) from captivity, slavery, or abandonment.

Of course, this is what Jesus has done for us. He is both brother (Heb. 2:11) and redeemer. It’s a beautiful thought to think that we, in essence, can reflect His role as Kinsman Redeemer by moving toward the widows and orphans of India. It’s saying,

“Because of what Jesus has done for us, it is our privilege in His name to cover, protect, and love you who are cast aside, in danger, and in need . . . with the ultimate purpose of introducing you to the great Redeemer” – Chris Lewis, Pastor at Westover Church Greensboro, NC

4 reasons GOW is different

  • 1
    Board Experience Missions & international experience of our board of directors
  • 2
    Staff Experience Missions & international experience of our staff
  • 3
    Sponsor Experience Strength of our sponsors 10+ years living in country - Experience in the difficulties of extending help/assistance
  • 4
    Focused Targeted micro-grants - Narrow & specific focus areas - Start & end dates - Ability of donors to select projects they choose - Follow up pictures & financial receipts
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