Westover Team to India

Timelines: The GOW Timeline Westover Team to India
Announcement Date: April 10, 2006

Westover Church built a 10-year global vision that originally focused on the least-reached peoples of China. As that plan developed it grew to include the Muslim and Hindu/Tibetan-Buddhist worlds, which included India.

In 2006 the church sent a team to India. It was on that trip where Pastor Lynn Everswick met with Leslie Hamby, a Westover-supported missionary, and was introduced to our regional sponsor. He then shared his vision to reach the children of the train stations, which is home for many of them.

“Our regional sponsor took me early one morning to meet these kids, and after seeing where they lived and how they survived selling refilled water bottles back to the passengers, my heart said ‘Lord, if you can use Westover to help make a difference for a few of these kids, then show me how we can best make this happen’.” – Pastor Lynn

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