2020 Trip to India

Timelines: The GOW Timeline 2020 Trip to India
Announcement Date: February 23, 2020

Zack Guthrie (President of GOW) and Robert Pittard (GOW Board Member) recently traveled to India to visit a few of our regional sponsors.

“The whole trip was a highlight. Prayer and devotional time with Zack and the sponsor, getting big hugs from kids we’ve helped, visiting the hospital and our sponsor there, and the joy of knowing someone who accepted Christ and is doing well.” – Robert

“Robert and I were able to meet with 5 children from the sponsor’s care center that he’s been working with for over a decade. How they have progressed is a testament to the Holy Spirit and the work being done. Upon departing India, Robert and I wrote individual cards to all of the children and care workers. We took the time to share numerous Scripture verses that are important to us. We are trusting God to continue this work in their lives.” – Zack

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